WHO’s who and WHO’s not!

Let’s face it, there is hierarchy in every aspect of life especially in the fashion world! Not everyone is lucky enough and our important to rub shoulders with the elite’s, so like most great men you have to start from some were. In Jamaica (were i live) you have to be ruthless, eager, and determined to get what u want, if you are to one day be important, cause let’s face the harsh reality, THAT’S LIFE!! So here’s a few pointers on how to become a “WHO’s who “
always be fashionable!
Work your way into the in crowd. There’s a Jamaican that goes “yuh afi kiss ass before you can kick it” what this is say is that you have be an under dog work your way slowly become a socialite, go to fashion shows, presentations.
Never be ‘shy’ or closed minded always be ready to mingle no matter how hard it is!!
Always soround your self with like minded individuals!
And remember!! ALWAYS BE FIERCE!!!


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