Often in life we tend to forget that fashion in all sense is art, and art is a way of life. Some of us tend to use fashion as a medium to express who we truly are, but! in some cultures, such as this one (Jamaican) it is most times misunderstood, mockery, bullying, discrimination, all these things would mostly occur if one truly feel to express them selves. I’m one to dress in accordance to my mood! today i’ll Be fierce, tomorrow i’ll be cool, but non the less always stylish and being a stylish boy with flare and pizaz, in some cultures that’s grounds for discrimination. And from time to time that tends to cloud ones true artistic abilities,  but once you believe in who you are and what you truly want! close minded people will never understand that fashion isn’t just for fun! and the glitz and glamour. but for especially people like me its a way of life and a way to escape, a chance for us to become someone else.

xoxo Bloges de mode.


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