LACE, LATHER, BLACK, RED, STUDS! that pretty much sums up my life!! Hello world! sitting doing some research on Gothic fashion culture reading and reading becoming more immersed in the fashion more than i already am!  it just fascinated me !! as you may or may not know i love black, white and red, ALOT! and now i know or should say, found a new purpose for black. Its not just for fashion but to some,its a statement to stand up for what you believe in! to evoke the rebellious side in you if you will!!
this sub-culture’s fashion with take from contemporary, punk and Victorian styles fused together to make a beautiful master piece! lace, studs, chains!i everything i live for!!
even there jewelry extravagant and elegant! like chokers which is a punk rock trend. all in all goth fashion is a way of life. I do believe.


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