Take a leap.

So before bed, i was inspired to talk about something that you might have seen me rant on and on about but its a very serious matter. finding inspiration in today’s modern world were we tend to be introverts more than going out, get lost, discovering new things. you might never know, and no you don’t have to be rich and travel the world! step out side breath in and out open your eyes admire nature, architecture, the way people move and talk. inspiration is all around us whether its in the way the sun rose this morning or how the waves of the beach push and pulls against the sand. find the fire in you it might not be fashion related! hey! it could even be sports. don’t sit around winning on how life is treating you. like the old saying goes,… life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. have a good one.
 and remember to comment your views and what ever you are passionate about. and o! please subscribe!

I was always fascinated by the design and shapes of my apartment
this is an inspiration to me.

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