"Northskull" review

Breath in…..Breath out…….. Namaste. One of the hardest task in the world is wanting to be a successful blogger and be a college student simultaneously. It is very hard to keep updating on whats what and whats not! So i was on Instagram (Ash grey) and i was basically shopping for bracelets, makes no sense but a lot of goodies especially jewelry are being promoted on there. So scrolling thru, this sleek, simple yet classy and makes a statement bracelet caught my attention.

It is everything i love and adore in fashion. Black with a touch of gold and overall simple yet classy look and most of makes a statement as i mentioned before.After seeing this lovely (north black onyx ) bracelet i had to go take a look on the website, and boy was i impressed.
Northskull  is a store founded by Jordan Forbes and Davron Christian, based in London that sells sleek, clean cut, statement luxury jewelry, popularly known for there skull bracelets. However they also sells rings, necklaces, cuff lings. all in all North Skull would be like a all men’s Pandora.

Black onyx and gold skull bracelet.

Gold continuity ring.

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