Keeping current.

Looped belt to ripped apparel, the future is rather a promising one in the realm of fashion. Not the typical boy to do things conventional my self, i like living on the edge (were fashion is concerned) this is why i love Rihanna and lady gaga, never afraid to push the envelope and say f*@# the world. Here are some trending styles that will guarantee you an chic, on trend look all the time no matter how limited your wardrobe is or the season your in. Don’t be afraid to dabel around in your closet pair colors, experiment with elements and principles of design.
Cuffed pants. Known for keeping the end of the pants to get on the ground, This look has been redefined. Giving you an easy, simple laid back look while keeping it fashionable and stylish.


Looped belt. other wise from controlling the length of the belt this simple gesture adds definition and a great sense of style to your look.
Half tucked shirt. Risky one the half tucked shirt, but, worn just right your guaranteed to stand out from the rest for all the good reasons. and to add an even more asymmetric look roll up one sleeve.
Ripped jeans/ distressed denim

Distressed denim for me will forever be. can never go wrong with a punk, fashion forward look with this one.


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