Whats next! Fashion in jeopardy.

Is it just me or fashion is bursting at the seams.Always known for spectacular fashion shows and a set time of year were the world comes alive with presentations across the globe a grand time of year were designers show the future of apparel . But, sadly, as the years pass by, and times change, so does fashion like the seasons, constantly changing. Changing for the worst.With pieces being repetitive it would seem like there is non originality in fashion anymore. Its all about the money, forgetting that fashion is not just about the glitz and the glamour or the money that comes with,  over time it has become a sacred art. With globalization, greed and the lust for fame this moral has been diminished and leaving younger generation in the a path of nothing but over hyped, non inspirational designers yes! i said 80% of designers current are over hyped because there work is non inspirational and sometimes downright an insult to fashion. Coping pieces, having other people think for you, there is no substance nothing bold! GOD BLESS MCQUEEN! for gone were the days a runway show impacted you emotionally. All in all fashion is ayes a multi billion dollar industry and forever will be a dominant industry but will loose what its truly known for continuing on this path.


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