Top 3 fashion Bibles

In the world of fashion every man, woman and child even my cat, Caroline looks forward, well she has no choice! lol looks forward to a good fashion magazine to relax on a Sunday with a pair of coco channel cat eye glasses and read the good book! I’ve decided to do a quick highlight of three of fashion’s most popular fashion magazines!

Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, we’ve all look to the great books, for divine trends, and holy inspirations. Hallelujah its fashion! lol.

Vogue. Founded in 1892 has over the DECADES! worked its way to the top and where i trust it will remain. Vogue publications is in over 21 country but the flag ship of them all is American Vogue captained by one of the most feared, loved, respected and influential women in fashion, Anna wintour. Anna wintour became editor-in-chief of Vogue July 1988.

Vogue cover may 1917
Harper’s Bazaar
 Started in 1867, published in 32 countries to date, Harper’s bazaar is a women’s fashion magazine 
( #pussy power) and a’int nothing wrong with that! As most if not all fashion magazines started out as a news letter for the opulent perspective of society. over the years as i would say things got better and people who are not rich can actually afford it! non the less Harper is insightful, edgy and of course trendy with that feminine touch.
Harper’s Bazaar 1990
“si elle lit, elle lit Elle( if she reads, she reads Elle)” once famous slogan of the fashion bible Elle. founded in 1945, Elle wasn’t so much as considered a fashion magazine, but i beg to differ. published in sixty countries, and 43 international edition, Elle is definitely a book we all look forward to every month!
ELLE 1947

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