Nature is the most beautiful things any man will ever come across in life! So preserving it should be a top priority if we want our future generations, to see and feel the wonders of the earth. As a die hearted fashionista, a sucker for jewelry, and is inspired by nature, and the wonders that it brings, I’ve found the one that is so perfectly intertwined. Mieroglyphs, Mieroglyphs is a word created from hieroglyphs, every Miero is your personal hieroglyph! Very intuitive I might say, inspired by ancient Egypt, these cork lather bracelets and dog-collars and oh, each and every bracelet or pet collar has an unique pattern on the outside and you can choose to have your personal quote engraved on the inside! so you can be your own unique individual. And guess what! At an affordable price you can own your very own Mieroglyphs bracelet or a collar for the cat or the dog! ( promo code coming soon)

simple gold bracelet.
pawsome bracelet

capo bracelet ( i’m just a dreamer chasing 
                                                                      the good life in this beautiful world)
wig wag pet collar
happy tramper pet colllar

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