As a stylist…

Ash Grey
We all want to look chic and trending 365, all day, everyday. It might be hard because your thinking that it is expensive, or your too fat or too skinny (like my self) but nothing limits fashion, or how chic one can be, you know that saying; “the sky is the limit” well best believe this is infinite! And this is attainable if you;

  • NEVER! listen to what others have to say. be true to your self! 
  • ALWAYS! wear what you feel comfortable in. Nothing boosts confidence like an outfit, so don’t feel insecure in the skinny jeans because that’s whats trending and you don’t want to feel left out.
  • DON’T! be afraid to push the envelope because your listening to the little voices in your head saying that’s going to look weird or that’s old. you might never know, you can be making the next style break thru!
  • TRY! to always experiment, you can come up with a thousand outfit out of four pieces of clothing.
  • SOLID! solid color are the best to have in an wardrobe, you don’t have to be rich to always look chic.

follow these five simple rules and trust you’ll be your own personal stylish!



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