My new goodies

Ash Grey
O my god guys i’m so excited to share with you my new goodies. So i was in this little shop in Tortola and this gold with a black gem caught my eyes, sadly i never had any cash what so ever on me at the moment so i went home and dazed about it until the next day. As early as the sun spaned its rays over the earth i got up and ran staright to the shop, I HAD TO GET THAT RING! And  got it. I’ve been a happy boy from that day on, and funnny enough i have thee worst luck with jewelry and i love them so much! sighs any ways onto my silver claw ring i got off amazon, by the a claw ring i’ve always wanted one of those! and when it finally came i was so exited and what made the moment even more spectacular, it was the perfect fit! Last but not least you’ve got to check out my new bag!! #tooodiefor! Lather with spike accents and a 3D wolf at the back. i ahve never heard an innanimate object called my name like that beafore! Thank god for Amazon.


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