Video music awards! (Read)

Ash Grey.
AUGH!Lord knows I’m late, but I’m here notheless and lives are about to read.
Beyoncè Knowles Carter. Why!? it was sweet dear riri’s show thou, and you had to come with blue and slay from heaven to hell. Nicki you aught to get your life, because frankly I think you should hit up Roman and get back to the days! I must say congrats to the spirit animal Rihanna darling, on receiving the Michael jackason vangaurd award, a prestined and highly deemed award at that. Drake I see you, but i think it’s time to wake up and smell the Burkin because my girl needs a man in her life so stop playing around! Winnie Harlow dear, giver of life, you came all the way thru hunnie! And don’t get me started and the two couple that apparently heard that the vma’s was today didn’t have time to prepare and ran out the house! Ah yes, got it ! The west’s that’s the couple! Overall it was a good show, again bey had to perform lemonade, as in the album! And smash the camera! Brittney nice try but i think it’s time you too wake up and smell the Burkin and realized time is fleeting and that name of yours too. Kanye west video for faded thou, sighs that girl body got me dazed! Kim! I think you should take a paragraph or two.  Lol hope you enjoys my vma’s  read, remeber like, share and subscribe.

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