Jamaican stylists outlook.

Ash Grey
The jamaican fashion diaspora is one that has always been admierd on a global scale, inspiering man, woman and child from all walks of life. Mesh marina and dancehall. Green, yellow and red “rasta colours” has always played a role in propelling jamaican fashion on the global market, but i fear that this is’nt enough, as a fashion designer and an aspiring stylist, who one day with hopes to chanage the game for the jamaican fashion scene, especially where styling is concerned,  that there is just not enough being done, where “Fashion is art ” is concerned. Dont get me wrong, you have the likes of Kerry-Ann Clarke (kerryman woman and home) , Rasheade st Patrick (Kingston belle), Jordan Anderson (symbiosity) , Ashley (Ashslay blog), Natasha lee-duhaney (stylishlee). Just to name a few who I admier and hold as a source of inspiration who are making a mark as Jamaican stylists. But as my lecturer said yesterday in a rather intruiging conversation about Jamaican stylists, “who and when is someone going to pave a new path for fashion”. Other than conforming to what’s already there, not just waiting on Beyonce or rihanna to wear something on the red carpet or vogue to publish something for us to “Follow”. i am a strong believer in pushing bondries and one day be apart of the movement that will erase the thin line drawn between fashion and art.

kerry mwh styled by symbiosity

kerry mwh styled by symbiosity
Natasha lee-duhaney ( stylishlee)

Rashade st patrick (kingstonbelle)

Ashsley (Ashslay blog)


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