Lifestyle addiction. Cafe Blue ( review)

Ash Grey

I look to two things in the morning, God and Coffe. Since i moved back to the big city for my second year of college i’ve always wanted somewhere where i can go and unwind and be inspiered, now i truley can say  found said place. Sadly it has always been there but i’ve never thought of one day actually trying it out and boy i was missing out on ultimate life. Cafe Blue, with 5 locations in jamaica i am only privy to one, Cafe blue soverign, located in legunea kingston. Cafe blue is the perfect get away from a hot day at home or a long day at work or even just simply grab and go to,  its just perfect, expecially for someone like me who enjoys blogging. I would say its the all new york iced coffe blogger life feel, if that makes any sense. Cafe blue soverign attracts uptowners who knows the true meaning of a cafe, thou a little pricey, thier array of gourment coffe hot or cold, made from authentic blue mountain coffe is worth every penny! And not only that, it is the perfect chill spot, wether to meet up with friends and chat, or like me, to go and write. The air conditoning, warm customer service and steller decor makes this possible. All in all, for all you coffe lovers local and abroad be sure to stop by any location near you. You wont regret it! #Coffeislife

blueberry treat.


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