Online diary. Fall style.

Ash Grey
Though this was suppose to be a lifestyle, fashion and style blog there hasn’t been much styling from me personally and since of late I finally built the courage to begin my everlasting carear as a fashion mogul. Starting with, stylist. Ive always loved styling but never really had the right platform to do it, but now i’m starting to costruct a portfolio in which I would love to share the journey with the world with. Never the less it is the season most if not all who worships fashion has been waiting for. Fall, the season where your free to where oversised sweaters, boots and the works. So here goes my first two out fits of the fall.

head to toe black with knitted oversised cardigan.
i wore ilike a cape all day lol
beanie (optional)
simple black tank top
black jean ripped at the knee
black and white converse
knitted grey oversised cardigan.

analogus colr scheem..
I like to play with cool colours.

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