The dawn of the crocs!

Ash Grey

Fashion designer Christopher kane surely got everyone talking at London fashion  week 017. Long before I’m always a sucker for the strange and crazy, and I must say, hats off to you Christopher, you beat me to the curve. Crocs are what one would call ‘fashion abomination’. Plastic ill fitting, ill shaped footwear first intended as beach or boat clogs, but as you know, we fashionistas got creative. Thou shunned by many, it has always been worn in a very casual setting. Back to mister kane! A normal day in the weeks festivities until boom! bejeweled crocs begun crawling down the runway,  I could just imagine the look on critiques faces when these outcast footwear graced the runway of London fashion week. Personally I think it was a bold move, yes crocs aren’t the loveliest of footwear, but it is sure a fun and playful one. I think as a stylist, it is a fun foot wear to play with. and besides, you have all the room to DIY the shit out of it and make it your own.
These are some of my favourites from the show, playful, bold and edgy.






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