Fashion illustrator on the rise Mark Russell.

Ash Grey

Wah gwan people?  or hey guys how are you lol. It’s fall, the grandure time of holloween and all things over sized. But! today i’m here profiling a budding Jamaican fashion designer, Mark Russell. Bred in trelwany Jamaica, a parish notoriously known for thier yams. At the age of 20, Mark moved to the big city of Kingston with dreams of pursuing his fashion carear and get a degree at the Edna manley college school of the visual and performing arts. Bursting at the seams with talent, unlike you’ve ever seen. Mark potray’s a calm demenor in juxtaposition to his work. Grim, dark and sadness, with his main and only inspiration from he was a child, the great Alexander Mcqueen. Coming into Edna manley Mark posses illustration skills to the gods!  Personally the best illustrations I’ve ever seen, as in me!
When i had a sit down with mark and i asked him to explain his Illustrations, he simply said: “My girls are a reflection of who I truley want to be. serious and focused”. I personally found it amusing when he said “My girls” refering to the illustrations, but that just goes to show the level of intimacy he has with his work. And with every strand of hair, to the very detailing of the skin you can see the heart, should and dedication. Mark Russell is one to keep under the microscope for he is destined for great things if he continues on this path. Here are a few samples of his work.

Mark Russell



Mark Russell


Mark Russell


Mark Russell


Mark Russell
Mark Russell

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