Ash Grey says thank you.

Ash Grey

 Yikes, it has been quite a weeek for me I must say. Grey moda reaching over four thousand views! like i mean 4000+ man, woman, chid and any other species, clicked on my blog and i would just like to say a big big thank you. To see my blog growing ( may not be as fast as how i anticipated) but  it is, and in a ten month period I hit 4000, sighs I’m so elated! I wanted write earlier in the week but given that it was critique week ( Art schools version of exam week), it was virtually impossible, preparing and all. But nontheless, I’m very excited  and so thankfull. Big things are in store for Grey moda, and the more the blog grows, with hopes, the more I grow a closer connection with my readers. Because at the end of it all my whole goal is to inspiere and cultivate dreams and aspiration through the art form that is fashion. I love you all dearly, and again, THANK YOU.

Me on a laid back hot day at school, fusing these lovely colors togather.

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