Take style out. ( Fashion diretory)

So this was my fist time to the style directory. Style directory is a fashion show held on the night of Jamaica oberserver’s, take style out (tso) , by the Jamaica yellow pages. Only the listed where allowed on the inside which you know, got me excited. Mixed drinks (liquor) and wines red and white were also present in abundance curtesy of Campari, So you know I would be there, free booze! (lol) but not only that, the crowed was a rather pleasing one, Bloggers, designers, retailers and just down right fashionistas alike, were all in the mix, dressed to the nines for the nights festivities.

Sadly there was not much to say about the “fashion show” aspect of the event. Same old same old peices, you know, alter back dresses blah blah blah. I must say the highlight of the fashion show was when a model tripped! I know it’s mean and whatever but I laughed, I’m sorry. And oh, yea, the curvy divas segment, in which I found mildly insulting. A mean if your giong to bring across a message that women on the larger side of things, can wear and feel comfortable in they’re clothes, then make freaking clothes. The women cascaded down the runway in over sized knit jersey’s, one of them I swore was in bed atire, and you could see obviously one of pieces was worn atleast a thousand times. This is what I’m always ranting about, WHERE IS THE ART! But anyways ladies and gentle men, this has been another episode of Grey Moda. Keep chic.


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