How to be stylish inside and out.

Hey guys today I don’t have much to say but I am sure excited to share these pics with you.

It was my #ootd (out fit of the day) and I find it some what the most interesting outfit I’ve ever worn, why? you’ll find living in Jamaica, diversity in street fashion isn’t that much of a thing, so to dress the way I do on a day to day basis takes a lot of moxy and bravery . homophobia, stigmatization, narrow mind, all in which i have to deal with but I do it to prove to myself and the world, to prove that you’re your own individual human, you’re not defined by culture or your genetic or social background. Your defined by how honest you are with yourself, how much self aware you are, and until this is done you’ll find you’re always self conscious, angry and fall victim to the same thing you yourself set out to fight against. Stay true to you and no one else.

Hood made by- Mark Russel

Cardigan-Mark Russel


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