Ama’s Review (Read)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and everyone in between welcome, to Grey Moda reads. I know I might be a week or so late but, As you know, after every international award show there shall be a read, no not review, a read! I ain’t with that diplomatic bull. If a hoe was not looking good, that’s just what it  is, and I shall call you out on it. As you know the American music awards (AMA’S) was sunday. sadly I missed it but best believe hunty, I caught up.

Before I commence I just want to say, I love all these celebrities equally and I think they’re phenomenal and talented, but it is what is , I dont play with fashion.

Let us start with the ever so gorgeous Gigi Hadid, Coming thru on the red carpet in white lace long sleeve tiered Roberto Cavalli dress, appeared naturally epithelial and quite  interesting in her overall delivery. And so, she escaped thy wrath.ama1.jpg

Selena Gomez, First I am and will forever will be a fan of Gomez, from disney days I had a little crush on this bitch (lol). And oh! congrats on artiste of the year. Gracefully appeared on the red carpet, was Selena in full red prada gown, revolutionary? no, something to write home about? kinda I guess, but it was flat for me, I mean, she rocked that prada, but it was an eh for me.ama5.jpg

Crissy darling I am sorry, but that slit distorted your silhouette. You looked like a character from family guy with her leg all the way up to her bust, worst that pose for the camera did you no justice and the position of your feet was tacky, come on boo, it’s the red carpet! Your a lovely woman nonetheless, but dont do it again, Please !ama6

Hope you guys enjoyed that little session, I wished I had the time to go through each and everyone but lord knows I dont. Until next time,  keep beautiful and keep chic.


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