Tis The Season To Be Chic!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… come on sing with me (lol). It is finally the month of minks and boots! Praise god it’s Winter. A mean yea, in parts of the world I’m late, but in my neck of the woods (the Caribbean)  it’s just December. Anyways, you know as customary, at the beginning of every season I share a little, style tip, or this month, Christmas joy. As I mentioned before, it is the season of minks and booties! layering has become one of the world’s biggest trends, especially since 2016 and now is the most opportune time to  fully embrace this style trend, as to we all want to make it thru the brutal winter as chic as ever. A leather jacket, thigh high boots, a coat weather it be fur, trench or a cardigan and a scarf. These are some of the  most important essentials one must get!

Below are some style inspiration from around the world. Keep warm and keep beautiful. OH! before I go I almost forgot, I have two scarves I want  to give to two of my chic moda family member  from my Grey Moda collection, in keeping with the christmas “chic” spirit! Here’s how you enter for a chance to win. Subscribe to this blog and follow my instagram account Grey Moda, when your done, comment “moda” on my latest upload on instagram, at the end of the week I will be selecting the winners!

Wendy’s lookbook, Wendy Nguyen
Le Fashion, Jen
Jenny Tsang, TsangTastic
Drew Scott, I’m drew scott
Scarf Giveaway. Grey moda collection.

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