Liguanea Art Festival

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So last sunday I attended an annual Art festival in Kingston Jamaica, Liguanea art festival. An event that lasts all day from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm with jamaica’s finest creatives! Photographers, painters, jewelry designers, and sculptures. But for some reason no fashion designers! I was thinking on this a little but I said eh, let it slide for now! To this event I wore a black and white print long sleeve shirt, a black distressed denim pant and a ankle wrangler boot all layered with tall black long sleeved cardigan curtesey of mens wear designer Shevron Wallace, got me feeling fabulous! The festival hosted over 20 artist, and I had the pleasure of meeting some of them. I only went there for one purpose only, to find the most interesting and out there pieces and to of course find inspiration, and man how I did! Below is some of the most interesting artists and pieces I saw.

Eugenia Wilson

Painter and illustrator Eugenia Wilson, hailing from Montego Bay St.James Jamaica, caught my eye with her simplistic approach, and dear I say fine brush work on fashion illustration and paintings, now obviously I am going to be attracted to her. Eugenia (my new friend lol) has also has a beautiful driven, artistic spirit (well obviously she has an artistic spirit) that for some reason or another, I just love, and it reflects in her work. The simplicity of the paintings was just calm and welcoming.

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Shawn Ashman

(Sighs), I love this woman! Like you have no idea how her works evokes such excitement within me.Upcycling in the most creative way you’ve ever seen; abstract painting with a twist, if you will! Shawn is an artiste to be reckoned with. Her enthusiastic, “corky”, optimistic spirit reflects in  her work which made her works some of the most interesting I saw that afternoon. Having your work truly speaking, or in her case screaming for you, is one of the best talents any artist can possess.

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Kemoy Morgan

Now Kemoy is going places and beyond! walking by the booth of jewelry designer Kemoy, I decided to take a look, because you know, it’s jewelry. She was a tad bit insecure, but not in a bad way, but a shy “oh this is so much” kind of way so I overlooked it and kept browsing thru Kemoy uses copper and beautiful stone to accentuate her simple, elegant approach to jewellery  only to see a ring, but not a ring like you see everyday, a circle! no, this was a triangle with little beads. As an artist, I’m always on the hunt for inspiration and Her ring really struck a few cords on my artistic bango ( that made no sense but oh well). The rest of her work was really of her work was really good, capturing the essence of the true caribbean woman. But, at the end of it all, it’s what’s next, and the creative direction behind her jewellry is really something I have never seen.

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All in all it was an awesome day of art and I was truly inspired. Click on the links below and check out some more of there ever so awesome work. Leave a comment or two and subscribe. And oh, keep chic and keep beautiful.

Kemoy morgan- Jewellry designer

Shawn Ashman- Abstract painter

Eugenia Wilson- Fashion illustrator/ Abstract painter

Shevron Wallace- Fashion Designer


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