Dear Moschino…

Dear Moschino,

Ash Grey here, I know the title suppose to say Jeremy scott as to you are the creative director but hey, it’s the brand here. Anyways this is a letter expressing my deepest love and appreciation for the house especially the new collections. They are life in abundance and in Jamaican terms ( yah bun dung it bludclawt), yes, I am from Jamaica and as I mentioned before always been a fan of you and the brand. Now back to the pieces, especially the pre-fall womenswear, The careful balance between femininity, masculinity, and art is just stunning, the piece’s by themselves are indeed gorgeous but at the end of it all its the artistic message being brought across andIi laud you for that. Times and often women are belittled and thought to subject and be the weaker species of the humanity. I am a big feminist! and when I see women being portrayed in a such a light it is quite admirable.

Yours truly,

A BIG FAN! (Ash Grey)

Here are my favourite pieces.

Moschino, Fashion Show, Menswear Collection Fall Winter 2017 in Milanmoschino_pre_fall_2017_collection1moschino_pre_fall_2017moschino_pre_fall_201moshino



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