Black History Month (Fashion Edition)

Hey, you! chic fabulous people of the world, welcome to February, aka Black History month. I am always excited at this time of the year because I get to celebrate being me, as well as embracing my rich culture and history. It is only fitting that I highlight fashion icons that made their mark on fashion history. Today we are featuring the woman who started it all in the modeling realm, Naomi Sims.


Naomi sims Supermodel,  writer and entrprenuer.


Before there was a Naomi Campbell, there was a Naomi Sims. Sims was the first black supermodel who paved the way, for now, iconic supermodels such as; Naomi Campbell and Iman. With her flawless melanin and gorgeous features, Sims was the first black woman to appear on the cover of Ladies’ Home Journal. Like much African-American of the time, Sims stumbled upon difficulties, after she was turned down time after time due to the color of her skin which was “too dark” and surely did not mirror the European aesthetics. Sims held steadfastly and never gave up. She then approached photographers which she later used to market herself which led to her appearing in a television campaign for AT&T. Later, sims then started her own business, designing, and creating wigs for black women which she expanded to beauty salons and cosmetics.


Style Feature.

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Yesterday Feb 6, 2017, Jamaica wore black in solidarity for the ongoing violence against women and children that are plaguing our country. Of course, I was fully onboard as a big brother to a gorgeous sister, a son, a friend and of course a die hearted lover of black. I wore a black turtleneck and black slim fit pant paired with a satin cardigan and black round sunnies. To keep the look as casual as possible I opted for my black and white converse because it was a hot day at school (not that I cared much for the weather).




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