Andre Rowe 017 Spring/Summer Collection (swimwear edition)

The nautical world met high street on March 9th at the Haven Kingston Jamaica. Andre Rowe, Jamaican high-street fashion designer partnered with local menswear retail store Trademark Outfitters to present his spring/summer 2017 collection. Opened to the public, the show was short of nothing, as Nextprsolutions made certain that the presentation was impediment-free. The ambiance was set, drinks flowed and eager fashion enthusiasts, politicians, business owners along with designers and bloggers all came together to view and share the vision of Andre Rowe. Created to give the feel of the guy on a nautical voyage, the collection provided a very retro-esque 80’s swimwear appeal with swim trunks, tank tops and beautifully crafted shirts. With a pulsating audience, the show culminated with the models standing on crates which allowed for the audience to further inspect the garments. The overall mood of the show definitely catered to the Caribbean man and his quest for a nautical adventure and had me feeling as though I wanted to grab a six pack of authentic Jamaican beer and run to the beach!

Here are some looks from the 2017 spring collection.

All looks are available at Trademark outfitters.



Screenshot 2017-03-15 16.35.32
Black Ibiza mesh tank top with Port 21 mesh running shorts.                                                      Photographer- Wade Rhoden





Screenshot 2017-03-15 16.35.54
Marco polo swim trunk.                                                                           Photographer- Wade Rhoden





Screenshot 2017-03-15 16.36.11
Ibiza mesh tank top and Mr cabana swim trunk.                                       photographer- Wade Rhoden





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