Stylish Men Of Jamaica (street style edition)

The Jamaican culture over the years has had adverse effects on the fashion industry locally and internationally. Dancehall music, ecstatic colors and downright outlandish authentic Jamaican signature, such as the infamous mesh marina, diamond sox, and wallaby Clarks lol. Though Jamaica is known for its influence in fashion, actually living here with a rather unique sense of style can prove quite difficult. Throw in ignorance, homophobia, and close-mindedness, you have to be the bravest of hearts to face the Jamaican streets on a day-to-day basis and remain stylish and chic. A style is simply a unique display of fashion, though can be heavily influenced by culture, some people still try to push the boundaries beyond just a basic jacket suit and Chelsea wore on a day to day basis just in different prints and colors.

Number three on my list for trendy stylish and downright rebellious is Dancehall artist;                                                                     ChiChingChing

Screenshot 2017-03-13 00.00.01

With modelesque features, towering well over six-foot, a eurocentric sense of style always with the Jamaican dancehall culture resonating within his dressing, this Jamaican dancehall artist doesn’t only perform but it also truly reflects in his style.

Asafa Powell

Screenshot 2017-03-13 00.12.37

What is a Jamaican stylish men’s list without one of Jamaica’s national treasure, Asafa Powell? Not all heavily reflects that dancehall culture and nothing is wrong with that! Jamaican olympian Asafa Powell reflects in his dressing a more European, some might even say (me) safe sense of style. Though safe Asafa, still made his way on my list because not everyone is going to be crazy and rebellious in the streets, and with a body of an olympian god (in wich he technically is) He effortlessly rocks an overcoat slim fit pant and a tee and makes it looks ever so chic.

Now number one on my list may or may not strike as a surprise but I believe fashion as an art form, is infinite and one should not be subjected to one’s culture or popular beliefs but instead should always be trying to push the boundaries even if it is considered “rebellious” or “prude”.


Screenshot 2017-03-15 15.53.33

This Jamaican dancehall artist is the epitome of rebellion, often seen rocking black painted fingernails, golden grills, large septum piercings and statement choker necklaces like nobody’s business, this artist is indeed one for the books. If you know or don’t know the Jamaican culture or most culture’s as a matter of fact! Teetimuss sense of style is defiantly different and statement worthy. Always the center of controversy within the dancehall and fashion realm I can honestly say I live for this man.

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