Vouge In 125


Edward Enninfull. The new editor in chief of British Vouge.

The African born, creative and fashion director of W magazine is the first male editor in  Vogue’s 100 years history, and I am proud because of a few reasons. The dawn of a new millennium pushes feminist and equal rights across every spectrum, racism, feminism and LGBT. Enninful being an all black African male placed in this position sets the perfect example for equality because we often forget the males in the strife for balance and equality in today’s society. This is not the first h has made headlines in the fashion realm, and sure is not the first for something in an international publication, at the young age of eighteen while I am home wishing upon stars Edward was appointed the post of fashion director for I-D magazine making him the youngest ever fashion director for an international publication. After this, he then led a trail-blazing career, 1998 contributing editor at Italian vogue, 2006 contributing editor American vogue and his latest, fashion and creative director at W magazine. And now the most powerful editor in chief of British vogue. Congrats Edward, you serve as an inspiration for things like me (yes I know, I wrote things).



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