Bridal Week! #TheModernWoman

Gone were the days when the word wedding is uttered, fantasies of the dream wedding runs wild in your mind. The extravagantly beaded gowns fit for a princess, veils as long as my hopes and dreams, and of course, the color white. Though throughout the centuries the silhouette of the  “wedding dress” has changed as humans became more minimalist the theme never varied, always a white a dress whether ball gown, trumpet, mermaid or mini. Now in the twenty-first century where minimalism is the order of the day, and women around the world aren’t afraid to “wear the pants”, past fixed concepts and themes of wedding uniforms, are well out the window. The bridal spring summer 017/018 runway looks some might say confusing, just imagine, sitting in a bridal fashion show and seeing black and white, two-piece pants and skirt suits, I know I would check my invitation just to ensure I was at the right show. Creatives such as Vera Wang, with her black and white, Oscar Delarenta, deities of bridal wear pushes all kinds boundaries, with pants suits and black detailing. Admitably sometimes girls just wanna have fun and dress up like a princess on that special day but in the twenty-first century where feminist ideals are being enforced and discussion of fashion and the power of women are ever so prevalent on the runways all over the world and as far as the black being infused in the tradition of the all white wedding dress, not everyone feels comfortable, because lets face it, the cats already out of the bag.

birdal 1
Vera Wang
bridal Merchesa
Reem Acra
Oscar Delarenta
Jenny Packman
Sachin & Babi

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