The Summer For A Millennial.

I might be sitting on my fire escape with Hippie Sabotage blasting in my ear as I write this blog, or I might be slaving away on nine to five trying to make ends meet. At the end of it all, I’ll be doing what makes me happy. As we all may realize by now summer is upon us, well for most at least, and its time for trying new things and venturing new places or for some us. Find out how many seasons of Golden Girls we can watch in a week, although summer or not most have already mastered that talent lol ahh millennials. Anyways, as I was mentioning before about this being the summer and it being the most opportune time to grab your besties, cameras or phone whichever is available and get exploring, one has to realize we all have one life to live and if we sit back shackled by the chains of money, culture or geography we get nowhere, until its time to be an “adult” and then we won’t have the time to get high, get wasted or get hitched on a Caribbean island with a sugar daddy/mama, luckily I already live in the Caribbean so that’s two things off my bucket list. Also, find a topic you’re passionate about, whether it is world hunger, vulnerable youths, or LGBTQ+ issues in your country that you would like to help and make a change, research and discover government and non-government organisations that you can volunteer or intern with by the time you realise it would have already been time for school a reality will set in. I love you and thank you for reading my blog post even though I was absent for awhile but your boy has been “adulting” lately. Stay tuned for style series to come on the blog for all you chic summer beauties.


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