The Summer For A Millennial.

I might be sitting on my fire escape with Hippie Sabotage blasting in my ear as I write this blog, or I might be slaving away on nine to five trying to make ends meet. At the end of it all, I'll be doing what makes me happy. As we all may realize by now summer is... Continue Reading →

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Vouge In 125

Edward Enninfull. The new editor in chief of British Vouge. The African born, creative and fashion director of W magazine is the first male editor in  Vogue's 100 years history, and I am proud because of a few reasons. The dawn of a new millennium pushes feminist and equal rights across every spectrum, racism, feminism and... Continue Reading →

Dear Moschino…

Dear Moschino, Ash Grey here, I know the title suppose to say Jeremy scott as to you are the creative director but hey, it's the brand here. Anyways this is a letter expressing my deepest love and appreciation for the house especially the new collections. They are life in abundance and in Jamaican terms ( yah... Continue Reading →

Maneuvering The Jamaican Fashion Industry

In the Caribbean, Art plays an integral role in our culture. Jewellery Designers, Sculptors and Painters are the people that are at the forefront of our culture. In Jamaica, fashion has advanced and gained importance, over time. Making it in the fashion industry in the Caribbean takes tenacity, willpower and some ounce of creativity. Though,... Continue Reading →

New terittory

Hey guys I'm so excited now that I've switched from blogger to wordpress. I mean now, it is way much more easier to connect with me, easier to subscribe, like and comment. Now, aside from that, this week I officially started selling my custom made scarves and bracelts. I must say I'm very very excited.... Continue Reading →

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