The Summer For A Millennial.

I might be sitting on my fire escape with Hippie Sabotage blasting in my ear as I write this blog, or I might be slaving away on nine to five trying to make ends meet. At the end of it all, I'll be doing what makes me happy. As we all may realize by now summer is... Continue Reading →

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Jflag 18th Anniversary

Firstly, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JFLAG! 18 years of non-stop resilience, hard work and advocacy not only for the lgbt community, but for all who needs a voice whether it be women suffering from violence or the homeless. Thursday evening, at the New Kingston business center Jflag (Jamaica for lesbians and gay) hosted its 18th anniversary, this... Continue Reading →

Ash Grey says thank you.

Ash Grey Yikes, it has been quite a weeek for me I must say. Grey moda reaching over four thousand views! like i mean 4000+ man, woman, chid and any other species, clicked on my blog and i would just like to say a big big thank you. To see my blog growing ( may not... Continue Reading →

Jamaican independence.

Ash GreyHelp me wish my country that i am so proud of a happy birthday! Today marks 54 years of indepence for Jamaica, yaay us. 54 years of independence from the Brithish rule, still love you Brits. All hail the queen. Being a jamaican is one of the most amazing things in the world, one... Continue Reading →

As a stylist…

Ash GreyWe all want to look chic and trending 365, all day, everyday. It might be hard because your thinking that it is expensive, or your too fat or too skinny (like my self) but nothing limits fashion, or how chic one can be, you know that saying; "the sky is the limit'' well best... Continue Reading →

Nautical panorama.

Art is one of thee most challenging  and rewarding thing you'll  ever come across. Finding inspiration to translate in fashion is quite difficult especially when you over look and over think.  I visited this guest house today called steel point, magnificent place! Located  in Tartola and my o my it's was breath taking, a supreme ... Continue Reading →

International Jazz day.

JAZZ! an African american musical art form that originated from new Orleans in the 19th and early 20th century. Yesterday, in my timeline was international Jazz day. And my college, Edna Manley school of visual and performing arts, hosted a concert on the lawns of Devon house with performers such as Myrna Hague and Lynn... Continue Reading →

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